[MidoNet-dev] Quantum LBaaS update - HAProxy driver in code review

Ishimoto, Ryu ryu at midokura.com
Wed Feb 20 01:12:00 UTC 2013

Hey guys,

FYI, the HAProxy LBaaS implementation in Quantum is going through code
review right now:


This should go into Grizzly.  Originally, HAProxy was meant to run inside a
VM, but according to the recent discussions in the mailing list, they've
temporarily changed it to run on a host because there were unresolved
issues running it on a VM in the tenant network in their initial
implementation; The issues of handling the security groups setting that
defaults to blocking ports that are required for health checks and other
administrative operations (ICMP and SSH).  Running on the host solved these
issues, apparently, and this lets them get their code in for Grizzly.  I
haven't looked at the code to be know how this is implemented, and what
features were compromised by this last minute change, so I will update more
on this later.

>From the integration point of view, MidoNet Quantum plugin should be able
to work with their LBaaS implementation (and hopefully be able to swap it
with our implementation later).  In any case, more updates on this will
follow after I get a chance to look at the code.

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