[MidoNet-dev] API proposal - Optional Bridge ARP Cache

Navarro, Galo galo at midokura.com
Tue Feb 26 09:26:58 UTC 2013

Hi, replies inline

> Defaults
> This question got lost in the thread I think, and is pretty relevant to
> integration code:
> Is ARP cache enabled or disabled by default? If disabled by default, should
> the integration code set it to enabled?

If enabled by default we'd also need to define what's the default
method of filling the cache (e.g.: arp snooping - but this means that
arp snooping is also implemented; originally it was set as a low
prioritiy feature)

> When we pre-fill the ARP cache, what type of entries are we inserting -
> permanent or overwritable?

Pre-fill entries can also have an expiration time set from the API.
But generally I'd have them permanent and non-overwritable since they
will reflect the configuration set intentionally by an admin. Entries
resulting from any kind of snooping should be ephemeral, and
overwritable if a conflicting pre-fill entry exists)

> DHCP and data duplication
> I was really just raising this to check our options and discuss, as
> duplication sets off my DRY alarms.
> Pino is right that we need to support the case where DHCP is disabled, so we
> can't simply rely on DHCP info. I think the "alternate approach" API Pino
> describes above might be more complicated than just setting the data in both
> DHCP and ARP.

I had a quick chat with Pino yesterday and I think we agree that a
separate ARP cache prefill API is the simplest and most flexible
option by now. I agree with you that the alternate approach is perhaps
too complicated at least for a first version.

> Having read the discussion I'm personally happy to stick with the original
> duplication (fill DHCP and ARP cache separately) rather than changing the
> API.
> Proxy ARP
>>> It would be feasible (adding API methods to update the ARP cache)
> I thought these API methods were already part of the plan for this feature
> (see snippet below)? Or do you mean we'd need to add an Update as well as
> the Create / Delete APIs below in order for Proxy ARP to work?

Sorry that was a bit messy. I was thinking within the option where
cache pre-fill would be done by reading port's ZK configs and
therefore remove the ned for a separate API to set the ARP cache
mappings (not even creates). With this in mind, I meant that if we
wanted to support ARP proxy we would actually need to offer such an

I'm copying all new information to the site.

Thanks for your comments,


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