[MidoNet-dev] Split off Arrakis as different projects

Jaume Devesa devvesa at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 08:24:02 UTC 2015

Hello midos,

It seems like arrakis[1] modules have reached a stable version (the first
one!). We finally can say that we can install Midonet with OpenStack
using Puppet as deployment tool.

As the current maintainer, I have to tag the current version and proceed
with branching model... Which brings me to a problem. Currently we have
three Puppet modules in Arrakis:

  * `midonet-midonet`: which installs MidoNet and has to follow the
    midonet's version branch model.
  * `midonet-neutron`: which installs neutron with a patch to configure
    the midonet plugin. This one should not follow any branch model
    because is going to die in the next Kilo release. But we have to
    keep the code. Anyone interested on why we have this module can ask
    me or attend to the arrakis presentation next Friday.
  * `midonet-midonet_openstack`: which defines roles-profiles for
    OpenStack deployments based on MidoNet. This module has to superseed
    the `puppetlabs-openstack` releases, and hence, follow the OpenStack
    branch model.

So I think is better to split off arrakis in three projects, each one
with a Puppet module inside and follow the proper branching/maintaining
version for each one.

If nobody strongly opposites to in, I'll take care of do it.


Jaume Devesa
Software Engineer at Midokura

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