[MidoNet-dev] NOTICE: package and source structure changes

Galo Navarro galo at midokura.com
Wed Apr 29 07:22:00 UTC 2015

Hi midonet-dev,

Later today we'll be merging a patch that will rename the old
midonet-brain package (containing the new cluster packages) to
midonet-cluster. This is to reflect the desired component names
according to the architecture reference.

These changes should not impact any deployments. But will impact build
tasks, and package installations that use the new cluster services
contained in the midonet-brain package.

If you're currently using any build or deployment task that uses the
brain module (e.g., ./gradlew brain:midonet-brain:run ..) or rely on
the brain or midonet-brain modules, please contact me so I can help
you update as soon as we merge the change.

I'll be taking care of updating the relevant Jenkins jobs.

Specifically, the concrete changes are:

- /cluster -> /nsdb. As usual, this contains common code that any
MidoNet component may use to communicate with the cluster (typically
DTOs, client-side libraries, etc.)
- brain/ -> /cluster. This reflects the notion of cluster as a bunch
of different storage, configuration and management services.
- brain/midonet-brain -> cluster/midonet-cluster. Here live all the
actual cluster services (such as vxlan gateway, conf api, etc.), that
is, actual business logic.

Any questions / concerns, let me know.


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