[MidoNet] MidoNet release schedule and versions name

Jean-François Joly jf at midokura.com
Tue Nov 11 14:34:14 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I would like to have your views on the schedule and versions name for
MidoNet releases.

[Important note: this is the open source version, not Midokura Enterprise
MidoNet which has a separate release schedule and version name]

1/ Schedule
The proposal is to have time based releases. Starting with quarterly
The first release would match Openstack, probably with a month delay to
allow time for the integration testing.
The second release would be in between Openstack versions, it would include
new features.
There is no flexibility on feature and code freezes, the release manager
then decides when to cut the release when he considers it stable.

2/ Version name
We would use a time reference as the version number.
The first release would happen at the start of December with the version
being 2014.11.
The we would follow a regular cadence: 2015.2 , 2015.5 , 2015.8 , 2015.11

3/ Bug fixes
Do we want to have intermediate bug fixes release like 2014.11.1?

- Community expect production level for MidoNet.
- Align with Openstack which has bug releases [1]

- Need to maintain branches for backports, otherwise releases are just tags

- Branch and produce nightly builds on the branch but don’t actually release

Policy for bug fixes release:
- There is an explicit stable branch maintainer
- Bug triage are organized on IRC #midonet-dev to decide which bugs are
backported to the branches
- When do we abandon branches? After 2-4 releases (6 month-1 year)?
- The core dev team will have a process to handover to an external
maintainer once a branch is not maintained by the core team
- All (non abandoned) branches (releases) are in CI


[1] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Releases
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