[MidoNet] MidoNet Documentation repository available

Jan Hilberath jan at midokura.com
Wed Nov 12 04:27:46 UTC 2014

Dear List,

You may have noticed already, recently the MidoNet Docs repository has 
been added to GitHub:

It currently contains the following documents:

* Quick Start Guide for Ubuntu 14.04 / Icehouse
* Quick Start Guide for RHEL 7 / Icehouse

These documents are written in AsciiDoc. For those who never heard about 
that, it is (quote from Wikipedia) "a human-readable document format, 
semantically equivalent to DocBook XML, but using plain-text mark-up 
conventions. AsciiDoc documents can be created using any text editor and 
read 'as-is', or rendered to HTML or any other format supported by a 
DocBook tool-chain, i.e. PDF, TeX, Unix manpages, e-books, slide 
presentations, etc.".

HTML and PDF formats are available on the MidoNet Documentation site:

The Operation Guide and Reference Architecture document sources aren't 
yet available in GitHub, but soon to come.


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