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Ivan Kelly ivan at midokura.com
Tue Aug 4 17:05:39 UTC 2015

>  backtrace history for all users,
 Only up to 10k messages it seems

easy channel discovery,
Normally when I want to ask people questions about an open source project
in real time, I'll go to my IRC client which I already have open, and
connected to freenode and do /j #projectname. This normally works. When it
doesn't work, I give up. I suspect it's similar for other people also.

> easy signup,
As opposed to no signup.

> When we were on IRC previously, we had an issue of many of our
> contributors not participating. When we moved to Slack, we saw a dramatic
> uptake in activity.  I am afraid that moving back to IRC will lower
> community adoption.
People are only going to have any midonet specific chat open if a) they
have the client open all the time already or b) work almost exclusively
with midonet. For a), i think much more people will have IRC open,
especially since for linux slack requires a tab to itself for each team.
For the latter crowd, they'll use whatever the majority of the rest are.

Many of the existing MidoNet devs and users are already using Slack for
> their work, and we've heard no major complaints.
Slack sucks <- here's one :)
Especially if you use linux.

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