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Ernest Artiaga ernest at midokura.com
Tue Aug 4 17:20:37 UTC 2015


On Tue, Aug 4, 2015 at 7:05 PM, Ivan Kelly <ivan at midokura.com> wrote:

>  backtrace history for all users,
>  Only up to 10k messages it seems
> easy channel discovery,
> Normally when I want to ask people questions about an open source project
> in real time, I'll go to my IRC client which I already have open, and
> connected to freenode and do /j #projectname. This normally works. When it
> doesn't work, I give up. I suspect it's similar for other people also.
>> easy signup,
> As opposed to no signup.

For me, this is a clear advantage. When I want to know about an open
source, I prefer lurking a bit, having a look at the mailing list archives,
forums or any other open media that does not require signing up. If I have
to sign up, probably I'll give up.

>> When we were on IRC previously, we had an issue of many of our
>> contributors not participating. When we moved to Slack, we saw a dramatic
>> uptake in activity.  I am afraid that moving back to IRC will lower
>> community adoption.
> People are only going to have any midonet specific chat open if a) they
> have the client open all the time already or b) work almost exclusively
> with midonet. For a), i think much more people will have IRC open,
> especially since for linux slack requires a tab to itself for each team.
> For the latter crowd, they'll use whatever the majority of the rest are.
> Many of the existing MidoNet devs and users are already using Slack for
>> their work, and we've heard no major complaints.
> Slack sucks <- here's one :)
> Especially if you use linux.

You have a second one. Slack experience is a real pain in linux :-)

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