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Tomohiko Kimura tomohiko at midokura.com
Wed Aug 5 08:25:44 UTC 2015

Hey, Sandro;

Interesting idea but let's be realistic. It might be possible to
> accommodate users on both at some extra cost but splitting up
> developers would be very inefficient. So we would still have to decide
> on where development related communication is supposed to happen. We
> also can't do meetings on both at the same time. Or promote both
> equally.

For regular meetings with a fixed time schedule, we can do them on IRC. For
other development related communication, we can keep both. People who feel
strongly about IRC should use IRC as a main channel, and there appear to be
enough such people to keep our IRC channel up and alive. For those who want
to prefer advanced features of Slack, they can use Slack as a main channel.
And I think we should be flexible on this and be able to deal with this
dualism for a while for now. Not all of us are following all the
communications happening in Slack even now anyway. Communication may get a
bit fragmented, but we can live with that for 3-6 months or so.

> So maybe we should start a poll and invite all mailing lists
> subscribers and Slack members to it - that's currently 175 unique
> email addresses (however, some seem to have registered using more than
> one address). We could use Cornell University's Condorcet Internet
> Voting Service [0] and send everyone a personal link/code to vote.

Making a decision based on simple majority vote, I think, is a short-coming
of democracy. I'd still like to see some data that back up either claim.
Who are those people who're interested in joining MidoNet OS community but
are currently hesitating to do so? How many of them exist right now in the
first place? Are they indeed feeling that Slack is the entry bar? How can
we reach out to those potential contributors / users to know what they are
actually thinking, without making a costly all-or-nothing migration from
Slack to IRC?

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