[MidoNet] MidoNet Puppet Module v2015.06 released!

Jaume Devesa devvesa at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 11:22:25 UTC 2015


Heads up that we have finished and uploaded to PuppetForge the new MidoNet
module[1] that installs MidoNet v2015.06 by default. What's new:

`midonet_host_registry` type

New `midonet_host_registry` type (need to document it thoroughly). Declaring
this in the manifest:

    midonet_host_registry {'hostname':
      $midonet_api_url => 'http://controller:8080',
      $username => 'admin',
      $password => 'admin',
      $ip_address => ''

Will register the host in the tunnelzone (it will create a default
tunnelzone if it does not exist)

`.midonetrc` file by default

All the hosts that will have the midonet client installed, will have
the `.midonetrc` file configured and the client ready to be used.

`midonet_gateway` type

New `midonet_gateway` type. You can declare a host as the gateway of the
deployment by using this type:

    midonet_gateway {'hostname':
      midonet_api_url     => 'http://controller:8080',
      username            => 'admin',
      password            => 'admin',
      tenant_name         => 'admin',
      interface           => 'eth1',
      local_as            => '64512',
      bgp_port            => { 'port_address' => '', 'net_prefix' => '', 'net_length' => '30'},
      remote_peers        => [ { 'as' => '64513', 'ip' => '' },
                               { 'as' => '64513', 'ip' => '' } ],
      advertise_net       => [ { 'net_prefix' => '', 'net_length' => '24' } ]

Where you can define the interface to bind, the local_as, the information of
the MidoNet Provider Router port, the remote peers and the networks to
advertise. The type will connect to the API to take care of all the process.
Big kudos to Carmela for this functionality!

Third party Tomcat, Java and ZooKeeper installation

Even we maintain the ::midonet::zookeeper class for backwards compatibility, the
ZooKeeper installation has been delegated to a third-party module. This movement
allow us to have thiner code and less maintaining stuff. Same for Tomcat
installation and Java.


How to use this code?

This module should be compatible with current `puppet-midonet_openstack` for
MidoNet + OpenStack Juno deployments.

Best regards,

[1]: https://forge.puppetlabs.com/midonet/midonet/readme
[2]: https://github.com/midonet/puppet-midonet_openstack

Jaume Devesa
Software Engineer at Midokura

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