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Abel Boldú abel.boldu at midokura.com
Mon Aug 10 09:48:49 UTC 2015

I vote +1 going back to IRC, is where the real community should be.

Plaidchat is only a webkit frontend that loads Slack, not very different
that having a tab dedicated to it.

On Wed, Aug 5, 2015 at 10:25 AM, Tomohiko Kimura <tomohiko at midokura.com>

> Hey, Sandro;
> Interesting idea but let's be realistic. It might be possible to
>> accommodate users on both at some extra cost but splitting up
>> developers would be very inefficient. So we would still have to decide
>> on where development related communication is supposed to happen. We
>> also can't do meetings on both at the same time. Or promote both
>> equally.
> For regular meetings with a fixed time schedule, we can do them on IRC.
> For other development related communication, we can keep both. People who
> feel strongly about IRC should use IRC as a main channel, and there appear
> to be enough such people to keep our IRC channel up and alive. For those
> who want to prefer advanced features of Slack, they can use Slack as a main
> channel. And I think we should be flexible on this and be able to deal with
> this dualism for a while for now. Not all of us are following all the
> communications happening in Slack even now anyway. Communication may get a
> bit fragmented, but we can live with that for 3-6 months or so.
>> So maybe we should start a poll and invite all mailing lists
>> subscribers and Slack members to it - that's currently 175 unique
>> email addresses (however, some seem to have registered using more than
>> one address). We could use Cornell University's Condorcet Internet
>> Voting Service [0] and send everyone a personal link/code to vote.
> Making a decision based on simple majority vote, I think, is a
> short-coming of democracy. I'd still like to see some data that back up
> either claim. Who are those people who're interested in joining MidoNet OS
> community but are currently hesitating to do so? How many of them exist
> right now in the first place? Are they indeed feeling that Slack is the
> entry bar? How can we reach out to those potential contributors / users to
> know what they are actually thinking, without making a costly
> all-or-nothing migration from Slack to IRC?
> Best,
> Tomohiko
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